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About FarmaSis

FarmaSIS is an all-Black, all-female, all-organic farming team founded in 2016 by Bonita Clemons. The core tenets are nourishing solidarity among Black women, cultivating health and wellness, and promoting economic development. Bonita, who holds a master’s degree in public health and is also studied in business, economics, and nutrition, realized that Black Americans were moving farther and farther away from their agrarian roots and very few women and young people were realizing and gravitating toward the benefits of farming. She felt compelled to figure out a way to change this pattern and thus, FarmaSIS was born.

FarmaSis Vision

The vision for FarmaSIS is to create a community built on the idea of each sister who graduates to go teach ten other sisters, who then go and teach another ten. The system would continuously replicate itself until the idea of self-sufficient farming once again became ubiquitous within the Black community.

Join the Mission to Create 10,000 Black Female Farmers

What are they saying?

Carmen Tisdale, Class of 2016

Gabrielle Gillie, Class of 2023

Gwen Preston, Class of 2022

Who is FarmaSis for?

It's for black women

who want to:

  • Learn the basics of gardening

  • Use food as medicine

  • Be healthy

  • Work collectively as women

  • Make money through Agriculture

FarmaSis participants with green shirts standing on the back of a trailer

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The Making of a FarmaSis

FarmaSis was created to help ensure that black women remember and recall the miracle essence of producing and providing nourishing food for themselves, their families, and their communities. In addition, we seek to re-activate or amplify the unique spirit of leadership resident in every black woman.

As a member of FarmaSis, you can expect to gain a mixture of benefits listed below. Of course, not everyone can or will harvest every possible benefit but be assured that, as you participate, you’ll gather enough of them to dramatically change your life for the better forever.

Our goal:

Educate, Inspire, and Train 10,000 Black females to grow food in their own space

3 Pillars

Collective Work, Health and Wellness through nature, Economic Development

You must complete the survey to see if this program aligns with your life’s goals.

Tuition must be paid in full before class begins

Participants are expected to attend 85% of the classes

FarmaSis Participants posing in their FarmaSis white shirts

The Program Includes:

  • Pre and Post tests

  • 9-week program. Each class is 2 hours and includes; information, health minutes w/stretching, prayer/meditation, and a plant-based meal

  • Introductions to Female Trailblazers

  • Field trips, health seminars, and other events will be recommended, not required

  • Group photo

  • T-shirt


  • The Joy of joining an alliance of creative, curious, dynamic Sisters

  • Feel and experience your natural leadership capacity intensify and arise – you’ll learn to “Show up” in new, more powerful ways.

  • Learn the beauty of how nature works for, with, and in you with realistic detail (i.e.

  • science)

  • Recall and rekindle the magic of exquisite self-care for yourself and your loved ones as is needed

  • Learn to love growing and preparing nutrient-dense food.

  • Expand your circle by meeting and visiting visionary growers’ entrepreneurs and visionaries from across the country and around the world

  • Join our growing network that has access to world-class experts in agri-business, general business, and the arts,

  • Make life-long friends

  • Fall in love again with YOUR life,

  • Improve your health by no less than a quantum leap

  • Find your Way as a “servant leader” through the many fun, but intense volunteer opportunities we make available to every FarmaSis class.

  • Achieve a new, sustainable level of personal and family-scale sufficiency by completing a practical project with our guidance.

The next FarmaSis Program beginning

April 1, 2024 - June 10, 2024


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